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Why an Island Community?

After years of listening to our followers and searching for the best place to bring everyone together we have found it. We have designed Think with Things Island for you. It is a private community of like minded people, with a shared goal of learning and sharing best practice in play based learning and working with found objects.

Although, Think with Things as a project has changed over the years, our true mission has not. We strive to be a bridge between the worlds of design and education. 

Bringing diverse groups of people together in rich conversations and hands on experiences.

We are very excited about this platform as it seems the perfect foundation for all we have been dreaming of. A place where things happen, where a spark ignites the power and creativity present in every person. 

We want to create times and places where people can come together to explore, share, learn from each other. When they do the world will never be the same again! 

Have you ever wanted to live and work on an island?

Darwin was right Islands have more diversity! Islands seem to have it all; ample sunshine, white sand beaches and species you can't find anywhere else on earth. If we translate that to our Island community our hope is for something very similar. 

A place with more diversity, rich ideas and conversations than any where else online. 

TwT Island community will be inhabited with a diverse group of thinkers, influencers, creators, teachers, etc. With all of these amazing people we don't have to tell you then it will be overflowing with ideas, inspiration and incredible stories and conversations. 

Jump on a boat and join us!

Our dream has always been to link together all the amazing practitioners, educators and business people who follow our project. It is our honor to welcome each of you to this space, where you can meet and share with each other. We love communities and building this Island community for you was an amazing experience.

Top 5 Island Benefits

Besides the obvious relaxing benefits of sun an surf!

  1. Soul Food: Experience conversations and content all in one place. Get inspired and inspire others and have the possibility to find members near you. 
  2. Natural Therapy: Design, think and play. Meet people who share your interests and care about the same topics.
  3. Time Away: Find inspiring conversations and content daily from creative challenges to educational ideas.
  4. Stress Free: Swap stories and experiences around a shared mission and method, while finding your own place and voice. All content is owned by the community and completely secure.
  5. New Adventure: Get to explore every aspect of TwT method. Empower others with your stories, as well as be, challenged by others journeys

Below is a peek inside at all the great articles, questions and downloads so far!

A quick fly over the Island

The Discover Page is tailored to you and your interests, Places represent almost small community spaces you can pop in to explore, Topics organise every post, article and question posed.

There is something for everyone! Find general ideas and conversations in our Main Piazza or dig deeper into the other areas of the village; the gallery, where you can see some of the amazing ideas our members have captured. The warehouse of found objects where you can explore and add your curated collection as well as find great recommendations of gathering materials. 

Get more profession specific ideas and feedback in our Teachers Cafe or Co-working Space, where you can follow our monthly inspiration challenges, in depth discussions, tips & tricks, etc.

You can access the island on any device. Above you see the desktop browser version discovery page, which is customized to each user based on the places they join and topics and members they follow. (Below is the mobile version available on Android and OS)

 PLUS: Have access to e-courses, downloadable content and private expertise groups not available to non-members. As well as, early access and discounts to TWT events around the world.

Who are the inhabitants and what are they interested in?

Mighty networks has create an awesome platform, where communities own their own information and where the value is on it's members not it's creator. When we saw this we were on board immediately as this has always been the goal of Think with Things. We have per-populated the island diverse Roles, Topics and Places and hope each of you can find your niche. 

  • Roles: Educator, Administrator, Trainier, Counselor, Entrepreneur, Change maker, Tech Guru, Artist, Environmentalist, etc. 
  • Topics: Methodology • TwT use in Education •TwT use in Business • Curated Collections • Good Questions • Capturing Thinking, etc.
  • Places: Educators Cafe • Library (filled with amazing curated collections) • Co-Working space for discovering creative business implications • Gallery • E-learning center

What do I contribute?

At a basic level the fee to access the community is $7.99/month (approx €6,90/month). First month is free so you can see if this experience is for you! 

The membership fee gives you access to all areas on the island. We do hope that you feel like contributing more and sharing your work and experiences if just to get feedback, but also because there are many who can learn from you and your fabulous ideas. 

The monthly fee helps us continue to add quality content, e-courses, videos and downloads. In order for us to reach people from all over the world.

We are inspired by you and can't wait to meet you on the TwT beach! 

Join us today and see if island life is for you. First month is free! We feel very strongly that we have brought together an amazing group of people, ideas and of course things. Come stake your place on the TwT beach and start sharing your amazing story! 

Just a little history...

Think with Things was born in 2014 as one of 7 winners of the Open Education Challenge with a goal to make a difference in education on a global level by bringing the idea of hands on learning through play, and thinking with found objects into the normal everyday structured learning environments of children, as well as adults. You can see more on our website

Think with Things is promoting everyday objects and their connected learning possibilities. Through years of observing and working in educational settings I have come to one conclusion. Things that help us think and learn are all around us, we just need to unlock their potential. You already have all the materials you need to engage and create amazing educational outcomes for each and every person.  

—Julie Anne Gilleland, Founder

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